Feng Gui, Ph.D., Senior Engineer, Research and Innovation

Feng Gui is a Senior Engineer for DNV Columbus's Research and Innovation team.  He earned his Ph.D. in Materials Science from the University of Virginia in 2005.

After joining DNV, Dr. Feng has intensively worked on a wide range of projects as either the key project contributor or the project manager, dealing with corrosion issues in nuclear wastes, the oil and gas industry, food package industry, and biomedical devices.  He is the major contributor to the projects addressing the understanding and mitigation of stress corrosion cracking in bio-ethanol.

His primary interest is the the environment-assisted cracking of materials, localized corrosion, and electrochemistry.  He is currently the project lead of a Joint Industry Program (JIP) aiming to develop methods to predict materials performance with respect to stress corrosion cracking in downhole environments.  He is also intensively involved in the area of corrosion fatigue of offshore pipelines, and simulation and modeling of corrosion processes.